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Devoted to quality patient care? We’d like to talk to you. We’re seeking physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants for opportunities across the nation.

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Meet Our

Devoted to quality patient care? We’d like to talk to you. We’re seeking physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants for opportunities across the nation.

Partners in Care

We attract the brightest minds in medicine, hiring only 10% of applicants. Here is what a few providers have to say about Legacy Care:

I’ve worked with Legacy Care for six years. The flexibility of creating my own schedule gives me the freedom to do what I enjoy with my personal time. Most importantly, I am able to build a schedule that allows me to spend the right amount of time with patients and their families, depending on their individual needs. This helps me build much more personal attachments with patients. If someone needs 30 minutes, or even two hours, my flexible schedule allows for that. I also like how my role here gives me a much broader access to working within many communities.
Syed Rehman


The best thing for me is the ability to make my own time and flexibility of scheduling. I work with a wonderful, very responsible and responsive Nurse Practitioner. I love taking care of my patients and the challenge of Geriatrics medical practice. I appreciate the time I can spend with my patients without the pressure of meeting a quota.

Abraham Teklu


I joined Legacy Care three years ago. In the first year, I was able to experience the independent living, assisted living and the SNF/LTC environments – I found that my passion! I am now settled into a 120-bed facility and serve as the primary provider. I have grown so much as a provider and am more independent than I ever dreamed I would be. I cherish the relationships I have built with my residents and they all feel like family. I also love being a part of a team again. Our facility partner in care have embraced me and we are all working together for the betterment of the community. Legacy Care has given me this opportunity and I am forever grateful to them.

Elizabeth Adams


Over the past five years, I’ve enjoyed working for Legacy Care for several reasons. First, flexibility scheduling allows me to work around my son’s soccer and school schedule. Next, my critical care skills are utilized daily. Striving to decrease re-admission rates keeps me on my toes. Several years ago, our residents would have be in step-down units but now are being discharged earlier and sicker. I am able to help educate staff allows to increase their knowledge and ability to care for these residents with complex needs. My job allows every day challenges and experiences that result in two days never being the same.

Heather Mullen


Working for Legacy has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made! It allows me to have a flexible schedule, great income, and establish relationships in the community. Being a provider with Legacy also allows for autonomous practice which is wonderful for nurse practitioners. I’m able to care for my patients as a whole which is a core value for my practice. Our provider success team is also amazing and they go above and beyond to ensure that as providers, we are receiving the support that we need.

Darniesha Greene


I have been working with the Legacy Care Team for the past 8 years and have enjoyed my transitions through bedside Nurse Practitioner, to preceptor, Regional Director and back to beside practice. Being able to spend time with your patients as they need is very important to me. This job has allowed me to practice as I see necessary for the patients I serve. Geriatrics is a great specialty and brings many rewards. I am glad to be a Legacy Care Partner.

Kathleen Anderson


Legacy Care’s flexible scheduling opened the door for me to care for patients in assisted living and rehabilitation communities. I serve as both a medical director and attending physician for a nursing home in Maryland. As an attending physician, I care for patients in partnership with several other Legacy Care providers as a team. I started in healthcare as a hospitalist, now run a primary care practice and appreciate being able to see all stages of life working for Legacy Care. It’s been remarkable!

Sidney Nelson III