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Bridging Care Gaps: New Nurse Practitioner Serves as Transitional Care Manager

Nov 30, 2022

Virginia Beach, Va – Lori Palcic, FNP-C, is a highly experienced nurse practitioner with more than 23 years of experience.

After earning biology and chemistry degrees from Virginia Tech, she began working in a family medicine practice. “I loved it,” Lori said.

Inspired, she dove deeper into medicine, next in the operating room at Georgetown University Hospital. This experience paved the way for Lori return to school for a nursing degree.

Lori then spent the first 13 years of her nursing career specializing in women’s health and wellness as a Labor and Delivery nurse.

From Florida to Virginia, Lori helped deliver thousands of babies and cared for thousands of moms in large healthcare organizations including Inova Health System and Sentara Healthcare.

Eager to broaden her impact, Lori returned to Old Dominion University and earned a Master’s Degree in Family Medicine.

Lori’s front line experience in both large healthcare systems and primary care offices provided her with the the insider experience needed for her new role with Legacy Care. She recently joined our team as a Transitional Care Management Telehealth Nurse Practitioner.

In this position, Lori helps patients immediately after they are discharged from the hospital – that critical time when they begin recovering on their own at home, figuring out self-care, new medications and more.

“I help bridge the gap in care, during the time period when a patient begins the healing journey, before they are able to be seen by their primary care doctor for their first follow up appointment,” Lori said.

When a patient begins the healing process immediately after hospital discharge, they often have many questions. Some are alone, without family.

“Patients are really vulnerable at this time, which is why I love what I do as I feel like I’m making a difference.”

Through remote consultations, Lori is able to be laser-focused on each individual patient, reviewing their medications, answering questions about their follow up care and more.

It’s team effort, requiring Lori to collaborate with other doctors, specialists and support teams all working together for every patient.

When she is not addressing the healthcare needs of her patients, Lori and her husband enjoy a busy family life with their three children. Together, they love going to the beach, hiking and traveling.

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