Listen to frank talk and candid conversations about delivering healthcare to patients. Our guests work at the front lines in hospitals, nursing homes, inpatient rehabilitation centers, home environments and anywhere a patient needs care. We explore innovative ways to improve positive patient outcomes across the entire continuum of care.

The Legacy Lamp name is inspired by nurse pioneer Florence Nightingale. She was nicknamed, ‘the lady with the lamp’ when caring for Crimean War soldiers. Among her achievements, Florence was one of the first to connect the principles of science, statistics and patient outcomes.

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Latest Episode

Smashing Stigmas: Journey to Assisted Senior Living

The journey to assisted senior living can be clouded by myths, misperceptions and stigmas. 

During this episode of the Legacy Lamp podcast, nurse practitioners Jennifer Ladeveze and Joanne Sproule and senior living administrator Jenny Do discuss: 

  • Joyful Living: Fellowship, safety, homecooked meals, low maintenance living & other benefits in assisted senior living communities 
  • Early Bird: Don’t wait! See for yourself by touring early before high-pressure rush
  • Surprise Visits: How unscheduled drop-ins can be revealing
  • Option Review: Aging in place, independent living, assisted living & memory care
  • Early Detection: Burning meals, wandering, declining hygiene and other warning signs that additional support is needed
  • Passionate Advocates: First-hand accounts from those who choose careers in geriatrics

“We want to be their voice, helping older adults during a turning point in their lives,” said Jenny Do, Executive Director, Bickford Senior Living. “It’s all about exploring your options. Don’t be afraid.”


Jenny Do, Executive Director, Bickford Senior Living – an advocate for seniors, Jenny is a leader who has devoted her career healthcare, working in senior living communities She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration from ECPI University in Virginia. 

Jennifer Ladeveze, FNP-C – a family nurse practitioner who cares for patients in assisted living communities, Jennifer earned a Master of Science from Maryville University in Missouri. Her esteemed healthcare career includes working in cardiac intensive care units around the country.

Joanne Sproule, AGNP-BC – Joanne is a nurse practitioner who received her Master of Science in adult gerontology from South University in Georgia. Part of her stellar career path includes spending 18 years as a flight nurse in the U.S. Navy. Joanne cares for patients in several assisted living communities. 

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