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Case Study Spotlight: 3 Medical Directors Transform Patient Care

Oct 14, 2021

Virginia Beach, Va. – Legacy Care provides medical director leadership in healthcare organizations around the country. In a recent case study spotlight, three physicians who actively practicing are profiled:

  • Octavio Cieza, DO – infectious disease specialist
  • Danny Felty, MD – Legacy Care chief medical officer and geriatrics and family medicine specialist
  • Sajid Naveed, MD, MRCP – board certified in Internal Medicine and Kidney Diseases and Hypertension


Legacy Care’s medical group delivers patient care in healthcare systems, inpatient rehabilitation centers, post-acute care facilities and assisted living communities that are located across the country. We are leaders in transitional healthcare, delivering patient-centered solutions. Our compassionate physicians and advanced care practitioners are dedicated to positive patient outcomes, guided by our analytically-based care model.