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Pet Therapy: Legacy Care Nurse Practitioner Provides Holistic Patient Care

Mar 22, 2022

Bailey - Pet Therapy

Richmond, Va – When Bailey goes to work with Legacy Care nurse practitioner Elizabeth Adams, crowds gather.

Elizabeth delivers care in a skilled nursing community located in Richmond, Va. Bailey joins her three days a week.

“Our patients, residents and staff look forward to seeing Bailey, and are disappointed when he stays home,” said Elizabeth. “He follows me on my daily rounds, visiting everyone he meets.”

Bailey is intuitive, a total natural around patients, staff and guests. “He knows when to be calm, and knows who needs him,” added Elizabeth, who has been with Legacy Care more than four years.

In the afternoons when Elizabeth is at her desk completing notes, Bailey lays in her doorway. “The long-term care residents gather around my door, taking turns petting him.”

In fact Bailey is so popular, Elizabeth receives requests from families for a special visit with him. “I love that we can provide a holistic approach to care, one that is truly patient-centered,” said Elizabeth.

A healthcare provider for more than two decades, Elizabeth received both her undergraduate and master’s degrees in nursing from Virginia Commonwealth University. Throughout her career, she has specialized in adult health and gastroenterology.

In addition to meeting the often complex and specialized clinical needs of patients, Elizabeth thoughtfully considers other areas to fully support those under her care. For example, during the height of COVID-19, Elizabeth identified a critical opportunity to reach out to residents and patients isolated in their rooms when in-person visits were banned. Her story is featured among other Legacy Care nurse practitioners who advocate for their patients in compassionate ways, found here:

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