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Virginia Governor Appoints Legacy Care’s Chief Medical Officer to COVID-19 Task Force

Jul 6, 2020 | News

Legacy Care CMO Dr. Felty

Governor Northam announced the creation of a COVID-19 nursing home-specific task force in mid-April. The purpose of this task force is to ensure that all post-acute and long-term care centers have the supplies and resources they need to get through this unprecedented time. This includes everything from sufficient testing, PPE, staffing, to ensuring the best infection control protocols are being followed. Their sole purpose is to focus on caring for the most fragile population during this global pandemic.

Legacy Care’s own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Danny Felty, had the honor of being appointed to Governor of Virginia Task Force for Long Term Care (LTC), as well as LTCF Task Force Care Transitions Work Group. Dr. Felty stated: “It is an honor to be able to serve in this capacity as we all try to work together for the welfare of our friends and neighbors here in Virginia. The collaboration among this assembly of fellow providers, clinical support agencies, and other stakeholders in healthcare is imperative for success now and in any future situations.”

Dr. Felty has been instrumental in guiding our Partners in Care through the uncertainty of coronavirus. He has been working tirelessly to ensure everyone is up-to-date on proper protocols and procedures, and has made himself available as a resource as well.

The task force has pushed for an emphasis on facility reporting of cases, deaths, and outbreaks to the public. There will also be a focus on transition of care and hospital discharge planning. Dr. Felty stated: “As serious as some of our challenges are currently regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, I believe we also have an opportunity as a medical community to reflect and look forward in efforts to improvise and adapt for future improvements in care delivery for our elderly loved ones. For this reason, I am also honored to serve in collaborative meetings with local hospital systems, AMDA workgroups, and Quality Improvement coordinators for CMS.” Dr. Felty’s experiences in the post-acute, as well as hospital settings, will aid in the efforts to control the wide-spreading virus.