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National Nurse Practitioner Week: Elizabeth Adams

Nov 13, 2019 | Features

Nurse practitioner Elizabeth Adams

LGS Legacy Care is excited to celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week by recognizing one of our own. Each year we celebrate these exceptional health care providers who serve as trusted frontline health care providers for the patients of our post-acute and long-term care partners. Today we want to personally recognize one of our many outstanding performers, Elizabeth Adams.

Elizabeth has been a nurse practitioner for the last 14 years spending her last two years as a Legacy Care provider. Prior to coming aboard, she was in a private Gastroenterology practice where she experienced a shift in roles for advanced practice providers and the strain it was taking on her and her family.

She was looking for a practice that embraced autonomous advanced practice providers and encouraged independence. Since her three children were getting older, she felt the need to have more flexibility in her life and thankfully, Legacy Care was able to fulfill her desire for a better work-life balance.

Here’s What Elizabeth had to say about joining LGS Legacy Care…

“I was not expecting to like geriatric and primary care as much as I do and the financial compensation has exceeded my expectations.  I was hesitant to be an independent contractor at first, but I do not feel alone.  Legacy Care is very supportive and involved.”

Elizabeth went on to say that she has, without hesitation, recommended Legacy Care to friends and colleagues.

Well, we certainly appreciate that sentiment but we feel Elizabeth and those like her are what makes Legacy Care so great! Thank you so much for what you do!

Legacy Care wishes to extend the same appreciation to all our highly skilled nurse practitioners and those who serve across this nation.