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Smashing Stigmas: Journey to Senior Living Legacy Lamp Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

The journey to senior living can be clouded by myths, misperceptions and stigmas.

During this episode of the Legacy Lamp podcast, Legacy Care nurse practitioners Joanne Sproule & Jennifer Ladeveze were joined by Jenny Do, LNHA executive director at Bickford Senior Living in Suffolk, Va. discuss:

  • Joyful Living: Fellowship, safety, homecooked meals, low maintenance living & other benefits
  • Early Bird: Don’t wait! See for yourself by touring early before high-pressure rush
  • Surprise Visits: How unscheduled drop-ins can be revealing
  • Choices: Aging in place, independent living, assisted living & memory care
  • Early Detection: Burning meals, wandering, declining hygiene and other warning signs that additional support is needed
  • Passionate Advocates: First-hand accounts from those who choose careers in geriatrics