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Crushing Care Gaps: Listen to the Legacy Lamp Podcast

May 26, 2021

When you’re released from the hospital after a procedure or medical event, the first few weeks that follow can make or break your healing.

Legacy Care’s new Transitional Care Management care model provides 1:1 support for patients at high risk for returning to the hospital because of an unforeseen complication. In this episode of the Legacy Lamp podcast, Yolanda Hoag, ACNPC-AG, Legacy Care’s transitional care advanced practice provider, and Julie Miller, AGPCNP-C, Legacy Care’s Chief Compliance Officer, discuss how TCM:

  • Crushes Care Gaps: including communication breakdowns among patient care teams
  • Breaks Discharge Boomerang: reduces the need for a patient to return to the hospital because of an unforeseen complication after a procedure or medical event
  • Predicts Patient Outcomes: blends technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence & evidence-based protocols customized for each patient
  • Empowers Patients: teamwork helps get patients engaged, educated & on the path to a smooth recovery
  • Shreds Cost: eliminates expensive patient readmission fees